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Almost all examples are interactive. Use left/right button + mouse move and scroll mouse actions. Some demos have keyboard interaction. AltGUI Gwen Complex Demo is more representative example of AltGUI / AltSketch drawing functionality, and has own scrollable list of examples at the left side of AltGUI control. This list width can be resized by moving splitter that divides control area into 2 sub-areas: examples list at the left side and work area at the right. And for some AltGUI Gwen Complex Demo examples (OxyPlot, NPlot, etc.) a subexamples tree view appears in the middle of examples list and work area.

AltGUI Unity Web Demo links:


WARNING: Unity Web Player don't work in Chrome by default. You can use another browser to view demo or enable NPAPI in Chrome:

  • Open chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
  • Enable NPAPI
  • Restart Chrome