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Unity 3D, XNA & MonoGame, OpenGL, Windows Forms, GTK, PC & PCL

Hi dear customers,

After the some brain storms and a lot of hard work before the next coming release we decided to limit AltSDK supported platforms (engines) for the nearest future because there are some of previously supported platforms are not popular, but supporting them requires a lot of efforts.

So AltSDK will be supported by backends and integrations for:

  • ​Unity 3D
  • XNA & MonoGame
  • OpenGL
  • Silverlight
  • Windows Forms (OS windows backend) - coming soon
  • GTK (OS windows backend) - coming soon
  • Google Native Client - coming soon

NeoAxis, OGRE (MOGRE), Axiom 3D, Irrlicht, SDL, Qt, WPF, WxWidgets, DirectX will be not supported for the nearest time. But you can create your implementation by your self.

AltSDK as usualy will be distributed in 2 assembly versions:

  • .NET 2.0 assembly (used mainly in Unity all editions, etc.)
  • .NET 4.0 PCL universal assemply (useful for PC, Silverlight, Mobile Platforms, etc.)


Posted by AltSoftLab Team Sunday, November 29, 2015 1:23:00 AM Categories: News Releases
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