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In this topic we present the several sub assets of AltSDK that allows you to bring interactive GIS functionality into your application. We took some of the very popular, powerful and widely used libraries and made a hard work on it to port it to AltSDK, to oprimize it to in Unity using and made this using more friendly.
All these features available both for new Unity UI (uGUI) and NGUI developers. Just use it as any other visual controls. Also these features can be used without any GUI.
These libraries are:
  • GMap.NET
  • OxyPlot
Let's view some dipper on these fine tools that was ported and adapted to AltSDK.
GMap.NET is great and Powerful .NET library. Enable use routing, geocoding, directions and maps from
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • OpenStreetMap
  • ArcGIS
  • Pergo
  • SigPac
  • Yendux
  • NearMap
  • OviMap
  • CloudMade
  • WikiMapia
  • MapQuest
  • etc.
In other words, it is a control for developers who want to bring maps to Unity UI.
It supports routing and geocoding, allows users to navigate to any coordinates, add markers, and more. You can choose which mode to run the program in, Server, Cache, or Server & Cache. It saves the maps as cache in your local drive so that it can load faster and save bandwidth. GMap.NET lets you explore maps and plan routes, run performance and network connection tests, export cache data, and more.
At the center of the map there is a cross, you can point it anywhere and then use the slider to zoom inside quickly. It also supports Export, Import, and Prefetch of Cache.
It also gives the .NET developer unlimited ability to extend it!
Simple interface with comprehensive options
The example UI is based on a normal window with a straightforward look that shows all available options. The maps are automatically loaded at startup, and you can easily explore them, zoom in and out, add a marker, as well as jump to a specific location by entering its coordinates.
Add markers, plan routes, change the map
It is possible to switch to another maps provider, hide the current marker or add extra ones, disable map dragging, put together a route, as well as to export and import cache files when it comes to routing and geocoding. Moreover, GMap.NET implements tools for viewing a vehicle or flight radar demo, as well as for testing performance and the TCP/IP connections.
Evaluation and conclusion
It had minimal impact on system performance, running on low CPU and RAM. All in all, this app features plenty of useful functions for viewing, planning and exporting maps and routes.
  • Pan - Right mouse button
  • Zoom - Mouse wheel
  • Select & zoom to area while holding shift and dragging mouse, switching between maps keeps selected area in the center
Some GMap.NET screenshots are represented below. Look more in AltSoftLab Screenshots Gallery
AltGUI Unity UI Integration - GMap with UI
AltGUI Unity NGUI Integration - GMap
AltSketch Unity GMap.NET Online Big Map Maker
AltSketch NeoAxis GMap.NET and CombinedGeometry
AltSketch XNA MonoGame GMap.NET Interactive
AltSketch GMap.NET Demo - BingHybridMap
AltSketch GMap.NET Demo - OpenCycleMap
AltSketch GMap.NET Demo - GoogleHybridMap
AltSketch GMap.NET Demo - WikiMapiaMap
AltSketch GMap.NET Demo - OviTerrainMap
AltSketch GMap.NET Demo - YahooHybridMap
AltSketch GMap.NET Demo - ArcGISWorldStreetMap
AltSketch GMap.NET Demo - OpenCycleTransportMap
OxyPlot is one of the most powerful and widelly used nextgen interactive plotting libraries in the world at this time for the .NET framework. It has friendly API and hundreds of examples. In AltSDK OxyPlot can be rendered in Software and Hardware render mode. A short features overview presented below:
  • Pan - Right mouse button
  • Zoom - Mouse wheel
  • Zoom by rectangle - Ctrl+Right mouse button
  • Reset - Right mouse button double-click
  • Show ‘tracker’ - Left mouse button
  • Reset axes
Some OxyPlot screenshots are represented below. Look more in AltSoftLab Screenshots Gallery
AltGUI Unity UI Integration - OxyPlot Map
AltSketch Windows Phone OxyPlot OpenStreet Map
AltSketch OxyPlot - Tile Map Annotation (StatKart)
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