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OGRE Axiom

We are pleased to present a new version of AltSketch Graphics Library under code name Titan-OGRE!


Next HW Render Backends Released! We decided to implement AltSketch Hardware Render Backend on OGRE. OGRE Integrations and Integration Demos has been created.

AltSketch OGRE Vector Text Double Path Transformation


And the second one Backend has been implemented on Axiom - C# port of OGRE.

AltSketch Axiom SVG

New HW Render Backend implementations coming very soon! Follow the AltSoftLab news on this Site, on Twitter and on Facebook

As AltSketch has several integrations with most popular GUI systems and Mobile platforms, you can develop and test a drawing part of your 3D application/game as independent program, and then easy integrate it into your main solution. Now you can draw Graphics in 3D with Brushes and Pens like you do it with any drawing library. It is flexible and useful development method in case of main project bulking and test complexity, or useful for team development process. Now you can develop graphics part of your Mobile applications without using an emulator as stand-alone application, only running on Mobile devices (or Emulator) for final tests.

We made some changes to HW Render backends, some changes to Demo and Integrations. So please upgrade your projects. Also all resources has been optimized and restructured to more compact size & faster loading.

Look other Screenshots in Image Gallery or play with Silverlight Online Demo

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Posted by AltSoftLab Team Friday, July 18, 2014 11:17:00 AM Categories: News Releases
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