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​​AltNETType is a pure C# CLS compliant 100% managed, without unsafe blocks port of wonderful font rendering library Freetype for MS .NET / Mono (including Silverlight / Moonlight). It is presented as a subsystem of AltSketch in Alt.NETType namespace.

AltNETType source code based on FreeType version 2.4.8. We have plans to update AltNETType to the latest FreeType version.

At this moment not all FreeType like interfaces are available, because for further support we need to know which AltNETType’s functions are used directly. But we are ready to give you all necessary program interfaces. You just need to apply for it in the “Feature Requests” section of the forum

AltNETType uses "ANT_" prefixes at code elements instead of native FreeType "FT_" prefixes; the core class named "ANT". Instead of FT_Init_FreeType & FT_Done_FreeType need to use ANT_Init_AltNETType & ANT_Done_AltNETType.

As we can't provide compilation time configuration of FreeType like parameters, so we decided to realize real time configuration parameters. These parameters placed in Alt.NETType.ANTConfig configuration class. AltNETType changes the behavior depending on ANTConfig settings.

AltNETType native (FreeType.NET) AltNETType (Outline Transformations - Fill and Contour)

AltNETType supports the following font formats:

  • TrueType fonts (TTF) and TrueType collections (TTC)
  • Type 1 fonts (PFA and PFB)
  • CID-keyed Type 1 fonts
  • CFF fonts
  • OpenType fonts (OTF, both TrueType and CFF variants) and OpenType collections (OTC)
  • SFNT-based bitmap fonts
  • X11 PCF fonts
  • Windows FNT fonts
  • BDF fonts (including anti-aliased ones)
  • PFR fonts
  • Type 42 fonts (limited support)