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AltSketch 0.77 - Resonance 

TIFF image format support

Added Virtual File System support with Zip support for resources loading. So now all AltSketch functionality works via Virtual File System and all resources can be loaded as from real file system, so from Zip containers (from files or memory streams). It’s needed for future Silverlight support.

Created AltSdlDotNet – AltSketch port of SdlDotNet library. In AltSdlDotNet System.Drawing functionality replaced by AltSketch. So AltSdlDotNet has more managed dependencies now (lesser unmanaged code). AltSdlDotNet uses AltSketch for image operations & core structures (Points, Sizes, Rects etc.) Added AltSdlDotNet Integration & Integration Demo.

OxyPlot charting library renderer ported to AltSketch. AltSketch.OxyPlot has only managed dependencies (no unmanaged code at all). AltSketch.OxyPlot uses AltSketch for drawings, image operations & core structures (Points, Sizes, Rects etc.) Realized OxyPlot Gwen interactive control. Added interactive OxyPlot Demo.

AltSketch OxyPlot - Mandelbrot

Realized interactive Gmap Gwen control. Created interactive GMap Demo.

AltSketch GMap.NET Demo - YahooMap

Realized interactive HTML Renderer Gwen control. Added interactive HTML Renderer Demo.

AltSketch HTML Renderer

Realized Gwen PictureBox with animated GIFs support. AltSketch.PictureBox example with animated GIF added to Gwen demos. PictureBox example with animated GIF added to main GUI section.

AltSketch Gwen PictureBox Control with Animated Gif

Miyagi HTML Control plugin ported to HTML Renderer using and example added to Miyagi Demo.

AltSketch Miyagi - Html Control Demo

Realized Pen patterns for dotted/dashed lines support.

Other improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • LinearGradientBrush supports gradient angle now.

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