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AltSketch 0.83 - Titan-ALPHA 

First HW Render backend on Irrlicht 3D Engine

AltSketch Irrlicht 3D Engine

After a long time of delay we got one of the main features of AltSketch Graphics Engine: now AltSketch has HW Render Backend! Firstly we decided to implement hardware render on Irrlicht 3D Engine. AltSketch 0.83 is the Alpha version of Titan Release with only one HW Render Layer (on Irrlicht via Irrlicht Lime .NET wrapper). Other HW Render Backend implementations coming very soon! Follow the AltSoftLab news on this Site, on Twitter and soon on Facebook

As AltSketch has several integrations with most popular GUI systems, you can develop and test drawing part of your 3D application/game as independent program, and then easy integrate it into your main solution. It is flexible and useful development method in case of main project bulking and test complexity or useful for team development process. Now you can draw Graphics in 3D with Brushes and Pens like you do it with any drawing library.

SVG.NET rendering library has been ported & integrated into AltSketch Extensions Library. New AltSketch Example "SVG" you can find in Demo in "Graphics" section.

For a HW Render specific uses we created new special Brush - BrushExt. It is an object that can be used with not standard AltSketch render materials. New AltSketch Example "RenderBrush" you can find in Demo in "Graphics" section.

Also the Core of AltSketch Engine has been restructured, optimized and got some improvements in SDK:

  • Clipped RenderBox Example (you can find it in "Irrlicht" section).
  • Almost all demo examples has been optimized by quality.
  • In all AltSketch Extension Libraries backbuffers exchanged by RederImage backbuffers - this is a special objects that can work with RTT (Render Target Texture) in HW Render Backends.
  • Gwen GUI is now uses AltSketch Font instead of old lesser functional native Gwen Font. And some useful improvements in Gwen GUI also made.
  • You can use asynchronous parallel thread Bitmap initialization with Streams or Files by using addition parameter in constructor or method. It is useful for multicore systems.


Irrlicht SVG

AltSketch Irrlicht SVG

Render in Irrlicht GUI Control

AltSketch Irrlicht GUI Control

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